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0xC103FC93 error with Exchange 2003 setup and install

The 0xC103FC93 error indicates that there is an Exchange Server 2003 setup and installation issue. Find out how to troubleshoot the 0xC103FC93 error.

I have uninstalled Exchange Server 2003 from my domain controller. When I try to install it on a different server, I receive the following error message: "Setup encountered an error while attempting to bind to the Exchange server "\server5server": 0xC103FC93 (64659): Could not bind to the Microsoft Exchange Directory server." Why is this happening?
Microsoft KB article 327005, 0xC103FC93 error message occurs when you try to install Exchange 2000 Server on an existing Exchange Server 5.5 site, covers this exact situation.

The Microsoft article lists some of the primary causes of the 0xC103FC93 error you should consider troubleshooting when encountering this error.

I think you should pay close attention to this potential cause:

"DNS is not configured properly in Exchange Server. DNS may not be pointing to a DNS server that has a record for the Windows 2000 Active Directory directory service."

There are a couple additional causes listed, but I would always attempt to rule out any network and DNS issues first.

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