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14 Why am I getting 'access denied' error when trying to demote a DC

I am having problems demoting a DC (domain controller) using DCPROMO. It runs until it attempts to configure the machine account on another DC in the domain. I get an error with that message saying it failed: "Access is denied." All diagnostics I've run have checked out fine -- there's no DNS issue, the rights assignments check out. I even tried resetting the machine account using NETDOM, which said it was successful. I'm stumped; any ideas?
Make sure all DCs are running the same service pack and have the same set of hotfixes applied. Next, force a domain synchronization. Make sure the system to be demoted can fully communicate with another DC. If these actions don't work, it may be a corruption error either in the local registry or the Active Directory database. If that's the case, you'll need to contact Microsoft tech support for further aid.

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I had the same issue and turned out to be "protect object from accidental deletion".
Once I unchecked the box the dcpromo down worked great.