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8004010F MAPI not found error with Exchange 2003

Microsoft Exchange Server error 8004010F (MAPI not found error) can cause offline address book synchronization problems for Microsoft Outlook clients.

Microsoft Exchange Server is reporting error 0X8004010F: "The operation failed. An object could not be found." I have Exchange 2003. Mutliple users are complaining about this issue. I have three locations, but only one is having this problem. What could be the reason?
Great question! An 8004010F error is really a MAPI_NOT_FOUND error. I am assuming clients are getting this in their Microsoft Outlook clients as a synchronization problem? If so, then I would check that the Organizational Forms Library exists within your Exchange organization. See Microsoft Knowledge Base article 162703, " You receive an error message when you try to synchronize your offline folder file," for a description of the same problem with older versions of Exchange Server. Follow the steps in the article to recreate your Organizational Forms Library and you should be all set!

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