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AD login script works on test server but not on new users' PCs

I work with a team that is involved with setting up AD accounts in a Win2k domain. After the accounts are created, login is tested using a Win2k PC situated next to the server to make sure that the password works, the login script runs and the network drives are mapped. Then a visit is made to the user's Win2k PC where the network properties are set to join the domain, and the PC joins. The user is given a quick orientation about what's new and improved and all is well. Except -- there are occasions when the user does not get mappings to network drives because the login script just won't run when logging in from the user's PC. But the logon script does run and drives are mapped when logging in using the same AD account from the test PC. What gives?
Test all aspects of network connectivity to make sure that you can physically reach the Windows 2000 server from the new PC's location. If you are dealing with multiple sites, make sure that a global catalog is present. Also ensure that the login script has been specified in the Properties sheet of the user account object, not just in the AD group policy.

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