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AD permissions error issues

I have a problem with my AD that I think is caused by a sysvol problem. I have two Domain Controllers. The first one has all FSMO roles except RID master. The server starts and appears to run with no errors in event log. If I run "dcdiag" I get an error: "No record of File Replication System" The AD may be prevented from starting.
For the second Domain Controller, I get event log error 13508 -- "frs problem sysvol not shared." The same error as above shows up running dcdiag. Both DCs are global catalog servers and run DNS. The problem first occurred after a UPS failure caused both servers to shut down. The problem is that I can add new objects to the AD, but if I try to give user permissions on, say, a new PC, I get the error that the domain does not exist after choosing the user from a list.
Additional information from frs log files:
DC1 - error invalid partner
DC2 - error access denied

This obviously looks like a permissions problem but I have checked these and they appear OK. Also, I tried to run adsiedit on DC1 and got error "name not available CLSID:"

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