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AD users can see each other's inboxes in Outlook

All Active Directory users are able to open up other user's Microsoft Outlook folders. Learn how to troubleshoot this permissions issue.

We are using Exchange 2000 on a Windows 2000 Active Directory (AD) domain. Recently, we did something that has enabled all users to see each other's inboxes. Any account in AD that tries to open up another user's folder through Microsoft Outlook can see everything. What could be the problem?
There are various ways this could have been happened. Typically you might do this for a service account or for a group of administrators. It sounds like this permission was granted to the Authenticated Users group instead.

The procedure is different on Exchange Server 2003 than it is on Exchange 2000. I have included links for both:

  • How to get service account access to all mailboxes in Exchange 2000
  • How to assign service account access to all mailboxes in Exchange Server 2003
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