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Access public folder calendars published on the Internet without prompting for login

SearchExchange.com expert David Sengupta explains how an admin can publish public folder calendars on the Internet for users to access, without prompting for a login.

I am running Exchange Server 2003 SP2. We use Microsoft Outlook calendars in public folder stores for school, district, and other information. We then publish these calendars as Web pages to our Web site. Is there a way to have the public folder calendars live on the Internet, without a login being required allowing anyone to view calendars?
If I understand correctly (and am making the correct assumptions), you have had someone develop a solution which renders your public folder calendars into an Outlook Web Access Calendar, and are exposing that to the Internet. In that case, it's the security settings on the IIS Server that hosts your OWA site, which controls challenge/response authentication. Working with the 'anonymous access' privileges should give you a way around users getting prompted.

That said, I would never recommend exposing Exchange data on the Internet without a firewall and appropriate security. It would be much simpler to figure out a way of having a developer write some code to provide a one-way export from the public folder calendar(s) to an IIS server in your DMZ, without actually exposing Exchange on the Internet, directly.

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