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Accessing old mail remotely with OWA

You have a few options when trying to access old email copies remotely while using OWA on Outlook 2007.

Dear David Sengupta: How do I ensure that a copy of an email is kept on my Exchange Server? I'm using Microsoft Outlook 2007 at work and when I connect to email, it downloads all the messages to my desktop computer.

However, when I'm at home, I can only access the work email on my Web browser using the OWA address. This displays my latest email, but the remainder is on the desktop hard drive. How can I set up my account to ensure that both new and old email copies are available on the server?

It sounds like you are using POP to connect to your mailbox. There are two options to keep a copy on the server. You can check off the keep a copy of the message on the server in your POP in order to solve your problem. Also, you could connect to the server using MAPI instead. If you set MAPI to use Exchange cached mode then you'll have a copy locally (offline) along with a copy saved on the Exchange server.

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