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Account information not updating in Active Directory

I am having a problem with my Active Directory. There seems to be no errors being reported in the event viewer, but when I change information on a user account such as display name, the information does not reflect. When you pull up the user in the OU he has been delegated. If you open the user account to view properties the information is correct, but not in the display information of said account. How can I get this information to update? I have Win 2000 AD running in Native Mode.
There may be a problem with the delegation of the infrastructure master role. The machine with the infrastructure master role updates the group-to-user reference whenever group memberships change and replicates these changes across the domain. At any time, the infrastructure master role can be assigned to only one domain controller in each domain, so there's a chance that identity may have become corrupted. You can identify the computer holding the infrastructure master role by using the command netdom query fsmo and repair or replace the computer holding the infrastructure master role. It may be necessary to seize the infrastructure master role using the AD server in question.

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