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Active Directory not synchronizing

I have two Windows 2000 Domain Controllers. The PDC is not synchronising the Active Directory with BDC. I can't find the Sysvol share on the BDC. FRS is running on both the servers. I can resolve the DNS name using NSLOOKUP from both the servers. I tried the FRS utility and could not find any error. The Event ID I am getting is 13508. Please advise how to troubleshoot this problem.
The BDC doesn't sound like it ever completed the replication process and therefore is really not acting as a Domain Controller (DC). While you did an NSLOOKUP for the Server name of the other machine -- the DCs do not locate one another by machine name. They locate one another via a SRV (Service) record like _ldap._tcp._msdc._[domain]. So you need to check on the PDC that the zones like the one sited actually exist. If they do not, then your issue is with the PDC not registering all of the records correctly with DNS. You can try to force the PDC to re-register the records by typing IPCONFIG /REGISTERDNS at the command prompt. If there is a problem, you should see entries in the SYSTEM log on the PDC after you run the command. If the records then appear in DNS, then you can wait and see if replication occurs.

Another issue can be that the clocks on the two servers are off. On the BDC open a command prompt and type NET TIME /SET /Y \[pdc servername]. This should synchronize the two clocks and correct the problem.

Now, for more diagnostics -- you should try running NETDIAG.exe on the PDC and BDC and see what it says. This will perform an analysis of the networking and ability of the servers to contact DNS. On the PDC you should also run the DCDIAG.exe. Both of these utilities should be in the support folder on the Windows CD.

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