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Active Directory troublesome to NT

I have an NT domain with 4 servers and about 86 users. We want to add an Exchange Server. We decided to go with the Exchange 2000; therefore, we are loading Server 2000. My question is how do I go about adding this 2000 server to an NT domain? When I was reading about Exchange server, it said I have to use Active Directory, which looks like it will cause some problems with the NT Domain? The only solution that I can see is to make a second domain and have the new 2000 server be the PDC for that domain. However, I am wondering if that is the best way or if I am making it too complicated.
The Exchange 2000 system will require Active Directory. Thus, you have a couple of choices. First, you could upgrade your current domain to a Windows 2000 Active Directory. This of course takes planning so you will have to consider how soon you need Exchange 2000 up and running. The other option is the one you already stated. You create a separate server as a Windows 2000 PDC with Active Directory loaded. You should still put some planning into this because you may want this new Windows 2000 domain to replace your existing one later. I would recommend not using the same server for the Windows 2000 Active Directory controller and the Exchange server - if you have the budget of course. You will need to have a trust relationship between the Windows 2000 domain and your existing NT domain to make this work appropriately.

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