Add a second domain controller to an existing domain

Learn the process for adding DCs to a preexisting Active Directory domain.

I want to add a second domain controller to an existing domain. I actually a have domain controller which has DNS and static IP. I have installed Windows 2000 Server on the other system and given one static IP (it's also in same network), and I have given the DNS IP (it's first domain controller IP, because DNS is also installed on the same machine). Now, when I try to install the second controller, it says that "The domain "test.com" is not an Active Directory domain, or an Active Directory domain controller for the domain could not be contacted." Any idea on how to resolve this?
Here is the configuration of the DNS and IP on the machines that you should have:

Server 1 (the first DC) has a static and primary DNS in the IP CONFIG should go to this IP.

Server 2, the second machine that you built, should have a static IP and the Primary DNS should be the IP of the First DC. Even though you have DNS on this machine, the DNS entries for AD and the other server are not going to be there until it joins the domain as a DC - assuming that the DNS is set up as Active Directory Integrated.

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