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Adding Exchange Server 2003 email disclaimers

The process for adding email disclaimers in Exchange Server 2003 email is different from adding disclaimers and signatures to Exchange Server 5.5 email.

I need to add an outgoing disclaimer to all email on Exchange Server 2003. On my Exchange Server 5.5 box I was able to use the IMSEXT.DLL command and edit the registry with the information. All I find on Exchange 2003 research is VBScripts. Can I use the IMSEXT.DLL file in Exchange 2003?
Adding a disclaimer to all outgoing email is a frequent request that I've heard for many years. Basically you have several options. You cannot use the IMSEXT.DLL on Exchange 2003, it's reserved for use within Exchange 5.5 environments only. Options include going with a third-party solution, such as DisclaimIt, GFI MailEssentials or eXclaimer, or you can implement an event sink as described in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 317680, How to add a disclaimer to outgoing SMTP messages in Visual Basic script. Since the event sink option relies on a VBScript, and you're not interested in using a VBScript, you're left with browsing the third-party solutions out there and choosing the one that meets your requirements.

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