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Addition of 70-226 to designing exams 70-219, 70-220, and 70-221

I see that Microsoft has added a new exam 70-226 to the other designing exams, 70-219, 70-220, and 70-221 as an elective core choice. What does this mean?

You're right. In late December, 2000, Microsoft announced that they were adding 70-226 Designing Highly Available Web Solutions with Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Technologies to its elective core lineup. The way I read it, it means several interesting things:

  • Microsoft obviously feels empowered to add to this exam category to meet customer and marketing needs.
  • The topic for this exam emphasizes how seriously Microsoft takes the need to offer "enterprise-level solutions."
  • The topic responds to demand from MCSEs to get more Web related topics and content in the MCSE curriculum.

Because the emphasis for this exam is on high-volume, high-access Web sites, it may be difficult for would-be test takers on this topic to get hands-on experience unless they already work in such an environment. But it's certainly a compelling demonstration of how important Web services are to Microsoft's evolving vision of its operating system and related services.

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