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Administering Exchange on a two-node active/active cluster

I'll take your earlier self-promotion and buy your book if it covers administering Exchange on a two-node active/active cluster. Does it by chance offer this information?
Chapter 20 is called Clustering Exchange 2000, so it does cover it. But no one book, including my own (despite its name of "The Complete Reference") can tell you everything. You'll also want to visit my clustering Web site, and you definitely want to read Microsoft's latest documentation on clustering.

One thing to note immediately is that in an A/A configuration, Microsoft strongly recommends no more than 1900 concurrent users per node. And this is with SP2 for Exchange 2000. SP1's recommendation was 1500. Also, note that Active/Passive is Microsoft's recommendation, which of course does not have any concurrent user limits above and beyond the hardware specs.

You can also ask follow-up Exchange clustering questions in these forums, and in the Microsoft public newsgroups.

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