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Advice on testing Active Directory

Learn about the major problem areas admins find themselves in when changing Active Directory structures.

I have a question for you regarding Active Directory. Can you list a few of the major problem areas when changing directory structures? I don't know how to get these guys to listen to me other than to keep telling them they have to think about stuff, and I am in way over my head technically. Also, can you reasonably set up a test environment that will allow you to test the AD structure throughout the enterprise?
Planning and testing are the primary keys for a successful Active Directory Deployment. AD is a highly flexible and powerful system with many features that are completely different from anything in Windows NT. Taking it too lightly will cost you in time, effort, and client satisfaction. You can perform some testing of course. The level of testing is related to the complexity of the enterprise that you are deploying to. If you have many sites, multiple domains, reliance on remote access, or several type of client OSes you will need a more complex lab for testing. MS has test centers in many areas of the country and will even assign engineers to help you test if you require.

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