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After 70-210, 70-215 and 70-216, what other tests do I have to take for my MCSE?

I'm studying for the MCSE, and so far I've taken three tests: 70-210 Windows 2000 Professional, 70-215 Windows 2000 Server and 70-216 2000 Network Infrastructure. My next test will be Managing 2000 Network Environment. What three tests will I need to take after Managing 2000 Network Environment to become an MCSE?
You have three sets of choices to make for your remaining three exams:

  1. You must complete the operating system core exams. This means taking 70-217 (Implementing and Administering a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure) in the near future, or waiting until mid-2003 to take 70-277 (Implementing and Administering a Microsoft .NET Server Directory Services Infrastructure). I recommend you go ahead and take 70-217 and get your core Win2k exams over and done with ASAP.

  2. You must select one of the four designing core exams:
    • 70-219: Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure
    • 70-220: Designing Security for a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network
    • 70-221: Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure
    • 70-226: Designing Highly Available Web Solutions with Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Technologies

    Of those four exams, 70-219 is the most popular and 70-221 comes in second.

  3. You must take one additional elective, because you're taking 70-218. Valid choices can include other designing core exams or other members of the list of electives documented on the MS Web site. Since I know nothing about your technical interests or proclivities, or what kinds of back office components you use at work, I can't really recommend anything in particular, except that you look the list over and pick the topics that either interest you most,or are most germane to your workaday responsibilities.

Good luck finishing your MCSE. You are almost past the halfway mark!

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