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After accessing another machine, local LAN is inaccessible (Part One)

I am currently using Windows NT4. I tried to use Dialup TCP/IP networking to access another machine; however, as I do it, the local LAN becomes inaccessible. What have I configured wrong? How can I use both at the same time?

You have encountered a "feature" of NT and Windows 2000. When you make a connection via dial-up networking, the local routing table of the machine is changed to make the dial-up connection the default gateway. You can verify this using the Route Print command from a console session.

This is a long answer, so I will break it into two parts. Here is a listing before making a dial-up connection:

C:>route print =========================================================================== Interface List 0x1 ........................... MS TCP Loopback interface 0x1000003 ...aa bb cc dd ee ff ...... FE575 Ethernet Adapter =========================================================================== ===========================================================================
Active Routes: Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Default Gateway: Default Gateway:
=========================================================================== Persistent Routes: None See the second part of the answer for what the routing list looks like after the connection.

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