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After installing Win2k Advanced Server and changing my domain name, I've got one workstation with lo

I'm having a Netlogon issue I just can't seem to figure out. I had Windows2000 Server installed. Recently, I've installed Windows2000 Advanced Server and changed my domain name. I have one PC with Win2000Pro(computer1), one with Win98SE (computer2) and the third with WinXP(computer3). On computer1, when I boot the computer, I get this error in Event Viewer- Event ID: 5513 Computer: ServerName and the Description is the following:

The computer (WorsktationName, computer1) tried to connect to the server ServerName using the trust relationship established by the servername domain. However, the computer lost the correct security identifier (SID) when the domain was reconfigured. Reestablish the trust relationship.

I've made sure that all my client's PC have the the new domain name. I've looked in the Microsoft Web site for answers - however, this one is not listed as of today. Can you tell me if there is something I've overlooked or not doing? Thanks.

By reinstalling the system and changing the domain name you have reset the SID for the domain and the computer account for the workstation. You have a few choices:

1) Remove the workstation from the domain - reboot - join the domain.

2) If the machine shows up in Active Directory Users and Computers under the Computers container - right click and select reset account. Reboot the workstation.

3) Use the NETDOM command to reset the computer account from the command line.

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