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Allowing XP Pro users to install printers locally

On Windows 2000 Server domain, I want to allow XP Pro users to install printers locally and share folders on the local hard disk. I created an OU for students. I created a Group Policy for the Students OU. I configured the Local Policies, Security Settings, under Computer Configuration to allow adding of printers and loading of device drivers. I logged in with the "Student" account, but still I cannot add local printers "Local printer option is faded". I added the "student" account to the "Administrator" Group on the XP machine, but still it cannot add local printers when logged on to the domain. However, when the "student" account logs into the XP machine locally, it can add local printers.
Check out MS KB articles Q241367 and Q219435, which describe who can load device drivers, and how to enable regular users from doing what you need.

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