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Allowing access to Excel documents

I was recently hired to repair some errors found in the folder/file permissions and folder/file security settings on a Windows 2000 domain(with Active Directory). It seems that someone changed these settings from their default settings and now my client is having trouble accessing some Excel documents and some programs that rely on the shared folders/files. I have followed all the steps that I know to recreate the permissions but I have had no success with some of the Excel documents and a program that relies on a mapped drive.

I would like mostly to know what steps to take to allow access to the Excel documents. These are the errors:

1) Excel cannot access .xls the document may be read-only or encrypted

2) Object picker cannot open because no locations from which to choose objects could be found.
I can't directly address the problem without being in the environment. However, a possible solution would be to backup the files, delete and re-create the mapped drive, delete and re-create the share, then restore files and strip the security configuration (this may require restoring them to a FAT volume, then moving them back to the NTFS volume), then re-set or define the correct permissions.

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