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Antivirus interfering with a program installation

When setup.exe (on a program I have) is executed with my AVG7 running, it detects a virus. I'll immediately heal it, but doing so also destroys the installation. I gave this program to a friend to test on his computer; no virus was detected when he installed it, and the program ran OK. Also, even if I didn't heal the virus on my computer right away, the install directory was missing some critical files, so it was being corrupted as well.

I ran AVG antivirus with the latest database on my computer and it came out clean. I also ran Giant Antispyware and Tauscan, and it came out clean with them, too. I have no problems with any other programs on my computer except this one, where a virus is detected on execution of setup.exe.

Normally you can get away with installing software on a computer even if your antivirus is running -- at least with the default settings. However, most software vendors will ask to close all applications and suspend your antivirus application while you are installing their products. You have been lucky enough (tongue-in-cheek) to experience why they make that recommendation.

Without examining all of the settings for AVG, I would venture to say that it is set, on your computer, to examine running applications for viruses. And if advanced heuristics are configured, it is most likely treating the installation as a virus because of the large amount of data that the setup.exe process is copying to your hard drive. So, in a way, it is doing what you want it to do.

In summary, turn off your antivirus software during the installation. After the installation completes, you can turn antivirus scanning back on.

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