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Applying a 'master' set of policies to a number of computers in a non-AD environment

Expert Jeremy Moskowitz warns a reader about the dangers of exporting changes from a standalone workstation to other standalone workstations.

If I take a Windows 2000 or XP standalone workstation and make a range of changes using gpedit.msc, how can I then export those changes so that they can subsequently be applied to other standalone workstations? I am talking here in the context of applying a 'master' set of policies to a number of computers so that they are the same in an non-AD environment.

While there is a way to do this, I'm hesitant to describe how to do it. It's 100% unsupported from Microsoft, so to give you "unsupported" advice means we're entering a slippery slope together. However, one way of addressing a part of the problem is by security templates. Security templates are a "portable security knowledge" which you can create on one workstation then, if you want, walk around to the rest of your workstations and also apply. There is a good Microsoft article here about the "built in" security templates and also how to create your own and apply them as you see fit.

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