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Are my thresholds set too low on my Small Business Server 2000?

I am running Small Business Server 2000. In the main Administartor console in the Tree, there is a Health Monitor. On expanding the options it reveals that there is a series of Health Monitor Sample Monitors, one of which concentrates on Windows 2000 performance.

On expanding this option, the Network Monitor is revealed with a red cross signaling a critical error on the Network Interface.

When looking on the Thresholds page opposite, two errors are noted:

 1. Bytes Total/sec > 500000 Status = Critical (Verifies the rate at which bytes are sent and received on the interface, including framing characters. 2. Error Code (from WML) Status = Critical (Verifies the return code from the Collection and if the Error Code is not equal to 0 - Status changes to Critical)

On checking the Statistics tab for the Network Interface the values are as follows:

 Property Instance Current Min Max Ave Error Description (from WMI) Enumeration failed. Object not found. Data collector is misconfigured Error Code (from WMI) 2147749889 2147483647 2147749889 266241 # of Instances Collected 0 0 0 0

Firstly, is the collector working properly? If so, are the thresholds set too low? What is the norm? If not too low, how come there is so much traffic to set a critical condition? I am a bit stuck on this.

It appears that the Health Monitor configuration for the interface is improperly configured. If you do not notice any problems with your interfaces, its most likely a configuration issue for the health monitor. Start up the stand alone network monitor application and see if you can replicate these errors.

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