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Are our multiple DNS servers overwriting one another?

We have a problem with our Exchange 2000 implementation. Our primary DNS server is a Solaris box without support for SRV. We have implemented E2K on the new server along with DNS & ADS. We can send and receive mail using this system for the first 3 days. From the 4th day onwards we can only send mail and cannot recieve any. Is this because of the different versions of DNS running on two servers which results in resloving the MX record for our Domain?
Sounds like a situation where DNS records are over-writing one another. Use "nslookup" on your workstations to make sure that they're resolving to the correct MX entry from both your Solaris & Win2k DNS servers. If your Solaris box doesn't support SRV records, ensure that you've correctly entered the manual MX record entry -- if it does not support SRV records, it likely doesn't support automatic updates from AD DNS either. Also, try using a vanilla POP3 client and/or telnet directly to port 25 on your Exchange box to eliminate client configuration as an issue.

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