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Are there any specific books or learning materials that would help in passing the MCAD exam?

Expert Ed Tittel suggests to a reader some of the best resources available when studying for the MCAD exam.

Are there any specific books or learning materials that you would recommend for help in passing the MCAD exam?

You have your choice of numerous exams for MCAD, and you will find plenty of titles devoted to specific exam topics in that curriculum. I'd recommend the Exam Prep, Exam Cram, and Training Guide titles from Que Certification, as well as the Osborne/McGraw-Hill All-in-One titles and those MS Press books that get good reviews on Amazon.com as good potential candidates. My own experience has been that the MCAD books from Amit Kalani are certainly good enough to get you through the exams all by themselves, and they get great ratings from other readers and users as well.

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