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Are there free trial/practice exams for the MOUS XP?

Is there a site or a way I can have free trial practice exams for the MOUS XP?
Try as I might I can't find many free trial practice exams for the MOUS XP certifications, either. My search indicates that http://www.customguide.com/mous_quiz.htm and http://www.certifyexpress.com/archieves/november2001.php are about the only vendors around who offers free MOUS practice exams for Office 2002/XP components.

You'll also find lots of useful pointers to practice question information in this CertCities article, but not much MOUS stuff there, alas.

The Office 2002/XP exams are pretty new, however, so all I can suggest is that you get in the habit of using your favorite search engine(s) on a regular basis and use "free MOUS practice exam" or "MOUS practice exam" as your search string. There do appear to be plenty of commercial products available for these exams for a fee, however. Here again, a search engine can help you identify your options.


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