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As an NT4 MCSE, what exams do I take to make me a Win2k MCP/MCSE?

I am a MCSE in NT4 and have passed the 70-240 exam. Without doing any elective exams, am I a MCP in Win2k? The Microsoft MCP Web site just shows that I passed the 240 exam and nothing else. The electives I did for NT4 are IIS and IP (059 & 087). I'm planning on taking the 70-221 as an elective. Would this make me a MCSE in Win2k?
Because 70-059 and 70-087 do indeed count as electives (and it won't be until March or April that MS gets the whole transcript thing straightened out, according to recent stories in MCP magazine), and because 70-240 counts for 70-210, -215, -216, and -217, all you need to take to finish up your Win2K MCSE is one of the "designing exams." 70-221 will fit that bill, so the answer to your first question (70-240 for MCP) and your second question (MCSE in Win2k) are both "Yes."

Sounds like you found the easiest way through the upgrade maze. Congrats on passing 70-240.


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