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Assigning Exchange public folder permissions to custom groups

Find out how to assign Exchange public folder permissions to specified individuals or groups by configuring custom roles in Exchange System Manager.

In Exchange Server, I want to limit creation of public folders and the addition of items to public folders under All Public Folders. I need to set this by individual or groups, not on a size-based limit. What can I do?
If you look at the Permissions tab of any Exchange public folder in Exchange System Manager (ESM), you'll see a number of roles listed. You can also choose custom roles by selecting appropriate checkboxes and radio buttons.

To achieve your requirements I would create a group called "Public Folder Users" and assign the following Exchange public folder permissions to that group:

  • Read items
  • Folder Visible
  • Edit items – Own
  • Delete Items – Own

Then I'd set up a group called "Public Folder Admins" and assign public folder owner rights along with maximum rights.

Lastly, I'd add users who should have limited access to the "Public Folder Users" group and ensure all other groups including Default and Anonymous are set to None. Obviously back up and test in a lab first to confirm that this meets your requirements.

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