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Automating Exchange Server 2003 log file cleanup

SearchExchange.com expert David Sengupta explains how to specify an Exchange server log file cleanup interval to avoid running out of available disk space.

Is there any way in Exchange Server 2003 to recycle the log files in the tracking log files inside <server_name>.LOG? An example of a typical log file name is: 20060203.Log. We are finding that very large log files are created, and if we don't delete them once a month, the Exchange server runs out of disk space on that volume.

We need an elegant way to recycle them either by size, date, etc. (e.g., it would be nice to set a size limit, say 250 MB, at which point the server will start a new log file).

Exchange Server allows you to specify a cleanup interval, typically somewhere between seven and 30 days. In Exchange System Manager, navigate to Properties for a given Exchange Server by right-clicking the server name. Then, on the General tab, specify "Remove Log Files" and enter the number of days in the "Remove files older than (days)" text box.

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