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BSOD with Error 0X00000076

I have a P4 with 512MB RAM running XP Pro. A Blue Screen of Death pops up two to three times a session with Error 0X00000076 or 0X0000008E. I am not using Backup Software (oxoo76) or changing Hardware Acceleration Settings (0x0008e), just trying to burn a data CD and error ox00000076 popped up, unable to make CD.RLOK SC. I'm ready to pitch this thing. Any ideas?
The 0x000000076 error is caused by a driver failing to release locked pages after an I/O operation, which could be either your CD-RW drivers, or your burner software. I would check for an update to your CD-RW drivers first. If this doesn't resolve your issue, try downloading a trial version of another CD Recording software and running it as a test. (Nero is one of my favorites)

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