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Backup Exec software states that it is failing on completion of a backup, but it's actually successf

I have Seagate Backup Exec 7.2 single server edition installed on a Windows 2000 server. This server was upgraded to Win2k mid-2001. The problem I'm experiencing is that the Backup Exec software states that it is failing on completion of a backup, but when filtering through the log file to investigate why, the application has actually done it's job. This is frustrating because under the Job Monitor Tab, all I see is failed backups, but in fact they have completed successfully. How can this be rectified? Or is there a patch or upgrade available to resolve this headache?

I use Backup Exec and get the same problem. If a single file is not backed up the monitor lists that backup as failed. Go check the Veritas Web site for updates to the software. You may need to purchase the Open File Options add-on tool that prevents locked files from interfering with the success of the backups.

You should also encourage everyone to be logged out of his or her systems when the backup occurs. This will help insure that the least number of files are opened and locked.

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