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Best site for MCSE and CISSP certification study

I am looking to get my MCSE with XP/Windows 2003 Server along with pursuing a CISSP cert. What site would you choose if you were pursuing these two particular areas of study? I had a company called TechnologyExams.com contact me wanting to purchase their product. They claim that you have had some input into their material. Any validity to this or are they just full of themselves?
You can take online classes straight from Microsoft's eLearning programs for about $349 per course (see https://www.microsoftelearning.com/ for a complete list of offerings) and you can self-study for all the exams you mention in your e-mail.

AFAIK neither Microsoft nor the ISC-squared (parent organization for the CISSP) seeks out practice test and/or elearning companies to solicit their input and opinion on exam objectives and cert program development, and so forth. I'd be very wary about the company's claims, and do lots of shopping around before giving anybody my business, particularly because of the wide availability of lots of cheap and medium-priced prep options for all the exams involved. Good luck in prepping for these certs!

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