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Best way to set up Win2k DNS/AD with BIND 8.2.2.P5 on Unix and W2k DNS working together

I have BIND 8.2.2.P5 on UNIX & W2K Domain Name system (DNS) working together. I need to keep my Bind on UNIX as the Primary DNS to have W2K DNS work properly. What is the best way to setup my W2K DNS/AD to do this? Under NT4.0 I just point DNS via TCP/IP to the primary for resolution of DNS Names.
If you are going to have a Windows DNS (which is not required unless the version of BIND you are supporting does not support dynamic SRV records)then the Windows 2000 Machines, servers and workstation alike, should all point to the Win2k DNS. Just point them to the Win2K DNS server's IP address. I would suggest making two Win2k Machines with DNS, just for redundancy. The Win2k domain will need to be a down-level domain, like Internal.mycompany.com with the UNIX servers hosting the Internet visible mycompany.com.

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