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Blaster worms wipes out Internet connection settings

I just found Blaster worms on my m8s Windows 2000 machine. I managed to get rid of them but now all my Internet connection settings are wiped out and I cannot make a new connection -- some remote access management control. I went into the system information and there are several references to this remote connection that are all disabled and it will not give me the option to enable. There seems to be no network/internet options left. It has asked for the Win2000 disk to install network programs, but does not seem to do this. It goes through the motions but it doesn't load.
When your machine has been taken over by Blaster, your best option is to back up your data and perform a clean re-install of the operating system. Blaster introduces an administrative back-door into your computer, and the so-called "removal tools" may not actually remove all traces of the vulnerability. The only way to be sure that you have regained complete administrative control of the machine is to re-install the operating system. In the short term, you can try installing/re-installing the latest MS service pack to restore the missing Network/Internet functionality.

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