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Bridging exam for Win2k MCSE certification

I completed my MCP certification in 1998 and was on track to finish my MCSE. However due to other commitments I found it difficult to study for the exams. Now that Microsoft is retiring the NT 4.0 certification process, I am now looking at an MCSE in Windows 2000. I passed four exams (NT Workstation, NT Server, Networking Essentials and TCP/IP). But I missed one core component (Windows NT Enterprise) partly because of other priorities which resulted in too many failures. My questions are: What exams do I need to complete in order to earn the MCSE certification for W2k? Do I need to begin again or is there some sort of 'bridging' exam for those who have already completed certain NT 4.0 exams?

Your situation is by no means unusual. If you can possibly take and pass 70-068 (NT in the Enterprise) before Feb. 28, 2001, you should do so because you will qualify to take the 70-240 Accelerated Windows 2000 exam (which replaces the Windows 2000 MCSE core four with a single free exam). Otherwise, you must pass seven exams to get the Windows 2000 MCSE.

  1. Core Four "Installing, Configuring, & Administering" Required exams: 70-210 Win2k Professional; 70-215 Win2k Server; 70-216 Win2k Network Infrastructure; 70-217 Win2k Directory Services. Four total exams so far.
  2. Designing ("Elective Core") Exams (Choose one): 70-219 Designing a Win2k Directory Services Infrastructure; 70-220 Designing a Secure Win2k Network; 70-221 Designing a Win2k Network Infrastructure; 70-226 Designing Highly Available Web Sites Using Win2k Server. Five total exams so far, any of which you can count as electives if you take more than one. The first one counts only as the "elective core" requirement.
  3. Elective Exams: You must pass two valid MCSE Electives to get certified. The list of valid electives is available at MicrosoftTraining

Alas, the only bridging exam that applies is 70-240, which is available to you only if you pass all three NT 4.0 exams: 70-073 Workstation, 70-067 Server, and 70-068 Server in the Enterprise. That explains my remark in the first para graph of this reply.

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