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Browse users who connect to a second server

In my office, I have two Windows NT4 servers with different domain names too. My station uses Windows 2000 Pro. Can I login to both servers? If I login into the first server, can I browse the users who connect to the second server?

Yes, you can log onto both servers. I usually do this via a command line as follows: Net use * \\server_name\share_name /user:domain_name\user_name password

Use the same syntax to connect to a share on either or both servers. You can use the Map Network Drive dialog box to do the same thing.

If I understand your second question, you want to know the users who are currently connected to the second server. The simplest way to do that is with the Computer Management console. Open the console from the Administrative Tools menu.

Right-click the icon at the top of the tree and select Connect to Another Computer. Drill down to System Tools | Shared Folders | Sessions. This lists the users who have connected to the server and the shares they used to connect.

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