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Browsing only returns a portion of client workstations in domain

A computer browser/name resolution problem? We have a single domain on which the PDC and BDC's are all running...

NT 4.0 server. There are several other Windows 2000 file/print servers on the domain also. In this configuration, all is well.

We added a Windows 2000 Advanced Server (standalone) and now computer browsing returns only a portion of the client workstations in the domain. If I reboot the PDC to force an announcement, you can see all the clients, but for only a few minutes. Any thoughts? Thank you for your time.
There's nothing obvious and elegant that I can give you. First, a few questions to ponder: Is the PDC multi-homed? If so, see the KB article Q181774. Second, have you used Browser Monitor (Browsmon.exe) to troubleshoot? This tool is on your Windows 2000 resource kit. Last, I suspect that your most valuable troubleshooting tool is going to be event logs. I'd take the event log from each server participating in browser elections, strip out all of the browser events, and then plot them on a timeline. Something will turn up for you.

This was last published in September 2002

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