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Browsing problems in Network Neighborhood

Day one: After configuring the server (domain controller), the new installed clients obtain their information from the DHCP server (IP number, DNS, WINS, default gateway, etc.).

This works fine. All clients can see the other computers in the network neighborhood, even after they've rebooted. DNS is configured to allow Dynamic Updates.

Day two: Some clients can see other computers in Network Neighborhood but others cannot. Even ipconfig/registerdns doesn't provide me with a picture of what's going on. All computers, including the server, can IP and name resolve. Everything else works fine, it's just that those other machines can't be seen. Can you tell me what is wrong here?

I don't have enough information to isolate the problem, but I will point out that browsing in the Network Neighborhood is handled by WINS. I gather you're using WINS because you mention it in the first paragraph of your question. So start your troubleshooting there and verify that WINS is working correctly for the clients who can't browse.

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