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By taking a PRINCE2 course, what are my chances in the job market?

Career expert Ed Tittel offers his thoughts on the value PRINCE2 has in today's IT job industry.

This question is related to taking a PRINCE2 course.

The thing is, I have a degree in BSC Business Information Systems. I did this a few years ago but unfortunately I have no job experience in this field. By taking a PRINCE2 course, what are my chances in the job market?

ITIL and all related skills and knowledge are very much the rage in the IT business nowadays, especially in Europe and all areas of the once and former British Commonwealth (after all, much of ITIL springs from British Standards research and development). If you can provide a convincing story to explain the gap in time between earning your BSC and completing the PRINCE2 curriculum, you should also be able to find a good job through a diligent, conscientious search process.

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