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Caching profiles on loaner laptops

I have a pool of loaner laptops. Since we have upgraded our clients to Win2k, we now require the people who borrow them to first log on to our corporate network. They cache a profile onto the loaner machine, so it can be used when they are away from the network. My question is: Is there a tool or application I can install on these loaner laptops to not require mandatory user login to the network before going offsite?
If you must cache a profile to the loaner machine, you must connect to the corporate network first, there is no way to get the profile onto the loaner machine otherwise. If you have the GPO security option of "cache logon credentials" disabled, then users must log into the network all the time, at least if they are using a network defined user account. If that security option is disabled, then they can log on to the notebooks only if they have logged on at least once to the network for the logon credentials to be cached locally.

If you want users to completely bypass the logon requirement, define a local user account on the notebook system for them to use when not connected to the network.

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