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Call logging software for help desk keeps stalling

I work on a help desk for a retail organization in Melbourne and I've recently formatted and installed Windows XP on my work PC. Since doing so, the call logging software we use on the help desk's performance has run down to that of a snail. It only appears to be the call logging software, (HEAT by FrontRange Solutions) whenever it attempts to access the database using standard SQL statements the HDD thrashes for about four seconds. Having had this software running on windows 2000 prior to upgrading, this wasn't an issue - menus came up instantly instead of taking 3-4 seconds to populate.

I've removed and reinstalled all related drivers, removed and reinstalled the software, removed and recreated the SQL data source, and all of these steps have had no effect. The system seems to have no other issues. We've done a clean install of windows XP on a second machine and had the same problem occur. Can you suggest anything else that we can try before we log a support call to Frontrange Solutions?

The only answer I can think of that might affect anything is to know which version of XP is being used here -- RTM or SP1. There have also been some updates to the Jet database engine (it's not clear from your message if you are using the native database functionality in Windows, but I assume that's the case), so patching with SP1 and updating the Jet database engine to SP7 may help. (See http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q282010 for more on how to do this.) If that doesn't work, give Frontrange a holler.

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