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Can I add Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes for use in a cluster?

I'm planning on putting W2KAS/E2K into a client in a two- node cluster. They have iNotes on Domino R5 at present. We'll probably need to use the Notes Connector for coexistence & synchronization during the migration. I believe this will use the MTA. Am I right in saying this forces us into Active/Passive? Or can we run Active/Active & turn off MTA on one?
The foreign mail connectors, including the Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes, are not supported for use in a cluster (in fact you cannot even create the cluster resources for them). If you need a Notes connector, you will have to install and configure it on a non-clustered Exchange server.

As for the MTA, regardless of whether you are Active/Active or Active/Passive, there will always be only one MTA resource in a cluster. This resource will always be owned by the first Exchange Virtual Server (EVS) -- you add to the cluster, and it cannot be moved to another EVS. This means that if you want another EVS to own the MTA resource you must delete all EVSes and then recreate them from scratch, starting with the one you want to own the MTA.

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