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Can I apply group-based logon limits?

Expert Christa Anderson explains to a reader how he can only use Terminal Services to apply logon limits to single users, not group.

I am trying to configure my Terminal Server to only allow a certain number of users to be logged on by group at one time.

I have 3 groups

Group A - 10 users
Group B - 5 users
Group C - 8 users

I want to make it so that Group A can only have 5 users logged on to the terminal server at the same time, at the same time Group B can only have 2, and C only 4. So if a 6th user attempts to log on from Group A that user will be rejected.

I have searched everywhere and can't find anything on it. If someone could at least point me in the right direction that would be great.

Unfortunately, you can't do what you want. The only session limits within Windows Server 2003 are those allowing you to limit users to a single session, and those allowing you to determine how long a session may be open. There is no provision for group-based logon limits, sorry.

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