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Can I assign "temporary" admin rights?

I have a program keeping a log of IP addresses, MAC addresses, user names and machine names of all users who log on to the network. I run this program as part of LoginScript. On an NT4 workstation, this program doesn't run because of the lack of local admin rights to the user who has logged in. Is there a way I can rectify this (e.g., by granting a "temporary" admin right or by having a "read" access to a particular folder that will enable my program to read this info)? It might be reading this info from registry or something, as this bit was done by a previous programmer.
Two suggestions. The first is that you give the users permission to change the file or registry value that the program requires. That's going to be labor-intensive. The second is to use a tool that allows login scripts to run with elevated privileges. One such tool (one that I personally use) is Profile Maker from AutoProf. Regardless, making all of your users administrators isn't a good option.

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