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Can I change the MAC address of a Linksys cable modem?

Can I change the MAC address of a Linksys cable modem to be the same MAC address of the RCA modem that I have? And, can I use both cable modems on the same cable system?
It may be possible but I don't recommend it for a variety of reasons. If you're trying to do this to substitute in a new cablemodem for the old one you were using with your cable provider, the thing to do is to call you cable company and tell them you want to install a new cablemodem. They will need to void out the MAC address they have on file on their servers and update it to use the new one. Trying to trick them into using your new modem is probably only going to make things worse. Many cable companies have measures in place to prevent people from tinkering with their cablemodem settings, to prevent fraud and theft of service. It's best not to try and second-guess them.

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