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Can I change the root domain name?

My company has three domains: the root domain, which is also the main resource domain for the company (this was inherited from a predecessor), and two regional-type domains that are child domains of the root. I would like to know if the following are possible:
  1. Can I change the root domain name?
  2. Can I create another child domain of the root and then move the existing child domains to be children of this new child domain, thus allowing us to move all resources out of the root into the new child domain -- leaving an empty root domain? Also can I move existing children to be children of this new domain and keep the existing domain structure?
Ideally I would like to change to the root domain name but the two child domains are in production and exist on over 80 sites at present.
My first thought is that this is possible. You will have to do some manual configuration of domain trusts -- whereas up to now they have been automatic due to the domain structure. Migrating the resources to the new domain will not be completely straightforward and you may have to utilize a tool like ADMT (Active Directory Migration Tool). I would definitely do some testing to make sure I knew all of the various issues that may arise.

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