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Can I configure proxy settings for every domain user from the DC?

I'm facing the problem of accessing the Internet through a client machine. I have a domain controller (Windows 2000 Server) and client (Windows 2000 Professional) that are the members of the domain. We are using proxy for Internet access.

The problem is that we have to manually go to the client machine and configure the proxy settings for every user of the domain controller. The problem becomes worse when more than one user logs on to the one machine.

I want to find out if there is any way to configure these proxy settings for every domain user from the domain controller. And if not, is there any other way out?

If you are using Internet Connection Sharing on the Win2k Pro system, then there should be no problem. I've never had to configure settings for individual users using ICS or Proxy Server 2.0 or for Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA). Your problem sounds very complicated, but it shouldn't be. Start over. If you need individual user-level controls over Internet access, you need to use ISA or a higher-level third-party solution.

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