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Can I convert a parent domain to a child domain?

Is it possible to convert a parent domain to a child domain so we can create a new parent domain within the same forest? We have three city offices -- New York, Las Angeles and Chicago. New York is the central office. When creating the AD domain, we made "NY.Domain.com" the parent domain, but realized afterwards (and halfway through the migration) we should have named "Domain.com" the parent so we could name the child domains "NY.Domain.com," "LA.Domain.com" and "Chicago.Domain.com."

Is there a way to backtrack so we can now convert the parent "NY.Domain.com" to "Domain.com" and create a child domain to be "NY.Domain.com"? It would be tremendously helpful if Windows 2003 has this feature.

Windows 2003 does have the ability to rename the domain. However, if your structure is already set, you will have other issues related to the renaming. You could however, develop a brand new domain called Domain.com and link everything manually back to this domain. Any new domains that you create can be created as natural child domains to the Domain.com. This type of structure would have the domain.com in New York (not replacing the NY.domain.com, but adding to it). The Domain.com would be the administrative domain for controlling all of the others.

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