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Can I create a desktop with Group Policy from my sever to go out to my client machines?

Expert Jeremy Moskowitz explains what gores into controlling the icons of client desktops with Group Policy.

Can I create a Desktop with Group Policy from my sever to go out to my client machines? In other words, just tell it what icons I want on the actual desktop and on the Start Menu?

At the moment I have loads of useless ones on the desktop that I don't want users to access but it would take far to long to go to each machine and remove them manually.

I did a little testing to try to emulate your situation. There doesn't seem to be an easy answer (or, if there is, it's eluding me.) I know one product, which can help you laserbeam add, remove or change icons in both the Desktop and Start Menu – that's DesktopStandard's PolicyMaker Professional. (You can read about it here on GPanswers.com)

Other than that – I don't know of any easy-breezy way to do this. You could, I suppose, have a logon script which wipes out people's desktop icons, as they are stored in a specific location, and then add them back in. However, you'd have a hard time keeping on top of that with lots of changes.

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